3 Main Briquetting Equipment used in Briquettes Production

Briquetting Equipment

Briquetting Equipment

Briquettes are highly demandable bio fuel at present. Biomass Briquettes production from Agro-forestry waste is mainly using 3 Briquetting Equipment as per requirement.

  1. Biomass Briquetting Machine
  2. Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine or Rotary Drum Dryer Machine
  3. Biomass Crushing Machine

Biomass Briquetting Machine:

Briquetting Machine is simply designed with latest technology like sensor system and oil pressure control system. It is available in different model. Each model produced different sized bio coal briquettes. Briquetting machine model names are:

  • JUMBO 9075
  • Supreme 75
  • Super 65

As their name suggest, Briquettes size is 90mm, 75 mm and 65 mm diameter from different model. Briquetting machines are designed such a way no any binder is needed to combine the waste so it is binder less technology.

Biomass Turbo Dryer or Rotary Drum Dryer Machine:

If moisture level of Agro-forestry waste is larger than 8-12%, then biomass turbo dryer or rotary drum dryer is used. It will remove the moisture from agro-forestry waste. Turbo dryer’s output capacity is 1500 kg/hr and its moisture evaporation capacity is 450 kg/hr.

Biomass Crushing Machine:

If Agro-forestry waste is larger than 25 mm then biomass crushing machine which is also known as biomass cutting machine, shredder machine, chopper machine is used. It can be cut the raw material sized up to 3” Diameter into 10mm size. Its output capacity is 2 to 2.5 ton/hr.

Such 3 Briquetting Equipment is available in JK Machine Tools. Contact Us for more details.

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