Biomass Briquetting Project

Biomass Briquetting Project is phenomenon concept to reuse of agriculture waste. Now Agriculture business have innovative way to grow business and reuse of waste resources. Also modern entrepreneurs have new array to develop our country & protect world/society from global heating. ”Wherever fuel exists, trash comes to the atmosphere“. Now, Briquetting Press are the Solution. Biomass Briquetting Plant will be enormous stands where Briquetting machine convert from end to end agriculture discarded material into Bio Mass Fuel Briquettes.

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Real magnificence of the Bio mass fuel Briquettes is, the astonishing substitutes of so many fossil fuels like coal, lignite, firewood. Commonly fossil fuels ringing with great cost but Briquettes are not. No too much costs and no superlative substitutes of Biomass Briquettes are actually exists.

Biomass Briquette’s main contributors are Agriculture Surplus & Briquetting Instrument/ Machines.  Where Agriculture Surplus were never useful before concept of Briquettes took place, secondly Briquetting Machines Industrialist who applied groundbreaking impressions and still creating variations into technology of Briquetting Machine as required to society.

This project is life-changing for people who are investing their agro waste into making briquettes because to destroy agro waste it’s again a costly. Destruction or dumbing is not a key of agro waste when we have finest choices. “Briquetting Machines equal to Best out of Waste”. Converting through Briquetting machine into White coal is prodigious investment.

The project is building wakefulness to society that we can discount our self from global roasting and we can retain environment unsoiled and smog free.

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3 Main Briquetting Equipment used in Briquettes Production

Briquetting Equipment

Briquetting Equipment

Briquettes are highly demandable bio fuel at present. Biomass Briquettes production from Agro-forestry waste is mainly using 3 Briquetting Equipment as per requirement.

  1. Biomass Briquetting Machine
  2. Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine or Rotary Drum Dryer Machine
  3. Biomass Crushing Machine

Biomass Briquetting Machine:

Briquetting Machine is simply designed with latest technology like sensor system and oil pressure control system. It is available in different model. Each model produced different sized bio coal briquettes. Briquetting machine model names are:

  • JUMBO 9075
  • Supreme 75
  • Super 65

As their name suggest, Briquettes size is 90mm, 75 mm and 65 mm diameter from different model. Briquetting machines are designed such a way no any binder is needed to combine the waste so it is binder less technology.

Biomass Turbo Dryer or Rotary Drum Dryer Machine:

If moisture level of Agro-forestry waste is larger than 8-12%, then biomass turbo dryer or rotary drum dryer is used. It will remove the moisture from agro-forestry waste. Turbo dryer’s output capacity is 1500 kg/hr and its moisture evaporation capacity is 450 kg/hr.

Biomass Crushing Machine:

If Agro-forestry waste is larger than 25 mm then biomass crushing machine which is also known as biomass cutting machine, shredder machine, chopper machine is used. It can be cut the raw material sized up to 3” Diameter into 10mm size. Its output capacity is 2 to 2.5 ton/hr.

Such 3 Briquetting Equipment is available in JK Machine Tools. Contact Us for more details.

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Is There Commercial Demand For Briquettes?

Briquetting – an alternative fuel source is gaining popularity but only as a domestic fuel source. These help users get better surroundings, unpolluted air and additional income sources. But this doesn’t give any surety about theirBiomass-briquettes-manufacturer commercial demand.

The question most of the briquette manufacturers have is, ‘is there any potential market for briquettes?’ They are confused with the commercial demand of this alternative fuel source.

Though briquettes provide additional income source, any entrepreneur will like to assess the market first. The failure of briquetting in some African countries has created doubt in people’s mind.

Consumers of fossil fuels are dissatisfied with these due to their excessive carbon emission and are looking for an effective alternative. But every briquette maker can’t meet their expectations. Only experienced briquette makers using high-quality briquetting machines bought from countries like India can survive in the market by offering premium quality briquettes. These should have high burning power and low ash content.

With the growing demand of fuels, biomass briquettes play a vital role in meeting energy requirement of different industries. Brick kilns, paper mills, leather mills, sugar mills and pottery industries are some of the major contributors in commercial demand of briquettes. These have made a significant contribution in economic growth of developing nations.

Their unique quality of burning without any damage to the environment has made these highly popular. There positive global impact has helped the world control global warming and reduce greenhouse gases impact. Further, unlike oil and nuclear energy, these don’t create accident risks in the industries. This is also a reason behind commercial demand of briquettes.

In developing countries, where industries look for cost-effective fuel sources, briquettes have their own importance. To meet fuel requirements, briquetting press machine owners in India use a variety of raw materials. They learn the best techniques to make high-quality briquettes.

A sharp rise in commercial fossil fuels in last decade has forced industrialists to look for alternates. Though fossil fuel is still the major energy source, briquettes have made an important place for them with various degrees of growth in coming future.

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What Calls For Innovations in Energy Sector?

Due to heavy demand of energy sources and limited availability of fossil fuels, there is huge requirement of innovations for renewable energy solutions.

Do you think the available resources of fossil fuels will be able to meet energy requirements for long? No, if the extraction of natural resources is done at the same pace, soon these will be over with no alternate. The only option to cope with the situation is to find innovative energy sources.


Now the question is, ‘what do you mean by innovation in energy sector?’

It is nothing, but invention of new techniques to generate energy or energy resources. One innovation that has transformed the sector is briquetting. Generated from waste material through briquettes press machine, these make a perfect alternate of fossil fuels. A wide range of agriculture residues, forestry waste, animal waste and construction waste can be utilized to recycle into energy source.

The need for invention of renewable energy sources is to reduce CO2 emission to control climate change. The new energy source known as briquettes, are zero pollution fuel with almost no smoke. This is the reason; these are also gaining popularity as green fuel source.

With immense industrialization and opening up of small, medium and large scale industries, energy demand has increased, which is not possible to supply with the available resources. So, to meet with the fuel demand of small scale industries, the researchers suggested use of briquettes.
Not just small scale industries, large scale industries can also use briquettes for heaters and boilers. They can also use blend of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. It will also help them minimize carbon impacts in the environment and provide employees a better place to work.

Money is an important factor for newly established industries and they can’t afford to spend a huge amount on just the fuel sources. Briquettes help them get a cost-effective energy source with better features than fossil fuels.

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Does Biomass Energy Only Have Benefits For The Users?

Biomass is an energy source obtained by recycling of a wide variety of waste materials, like agro waste, animal waste, plants, tree components, manure and other organic waste materials. As we all know plants absorb carbon dioxide and water from the nature, they emit it back into the environment when burnt in the form of briquettes, which makes biomass a renewable energy source.

9872d8a016d7d9b3c10acc7d91cfb56bBiomass energy has got immense acceptance from the fossil fuel users from all across the world. But there are a few people, who say that it is not as effective and beneficial as promoted. Let’s decide it by having a look at the advantages and disadvantages of biomass energy.



1. No harmful gas emission: The major problem with fossil fuels is excessive carbon footprints. Biomass briquettes help us control it by providing a smokeless energy source. Briquettes press machine produce high density logs, which don’t emit harmful gases on burning.

2. Abundant availability: Unlike fossil fuels, biomass energy does not have risk of getting over. As this is made from waste material, there will be no shortage of biomass energy. In the areas with ample forests, high agriculture and animal husbandry, abundant availability of raw material is there for briquetting process.

3. Reduced impact of fossil fuels: Briquettes make a perfect alternative of fossil fuels and reduce dependency on this harmful energy source. Individuals and industries can easily use briquettes made from press machines in India.

4. Various options: Due to huge variety of raw materials, the briquetting press machine owners get choice to create different products with varied quality.

1. Expensive: If you are dependent on animal waste for briquette making, this might be a bit expensive venture due to high investment on caring, feeding and housing the animals.

2. Consume more fuel: In order to get the same heat, industries need to use more briquettes than fossil fuels. This increased demand of briquettes and ultimately affect forests.

3. Need more land: Biomass products need more land to burn. Emission of methane gas from these raises need of making briquettes in area away from residential areas. Briquetting press machine manufacturer in India provides machines that can be installed in limited area and can work efficiently.

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What To Say What not to Say – Happy Fathers Day Poem


We think a lot for saying #HappyFathersDay To our Beloved Daddy, So I thought to Wish him with a poem just written by me at office.

What To Say What not to Say,

You were Everywhere When I need you There,

Your Moral Support made me Right,

You Are the One Who made me Number One,

What to Say What Not To Say !!

You Make Me Dear So I Don’t Fear,

You Hold my Hand Which Made  Me Stand,

I am in Your Nest,Dad You Are Best!!

What To Say What Not To Say !!!

– By Akansha

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Happy Fathers Day


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Go Green for Good Health

Environment is the center of attraction everywhere; from news channels to politics and technology, everyone is busy spreading green messages. No doubt it is for our well being only. Global warming, gas emissions and advert weather conditions have created an alarming situation. There is serious requirement to cross check the habits and bring some positive changes to get green environment and better health.

In most of the cases we forget the negative impacts of our habits on environment. From domestic appliances like air-conditioners to vehicles, polythene bags and metals, everything we use and throw impact our surroundings. What we miss is our power of changing the planet and environment. Minor changes in our everyday habits can help us get green environment and healthy lifestyle.
Waste recycling is an essential step we need to take to protect environment and our health. We usually burn trash, which emits harmful gases putting our future at risk. Briquetting machine plant provides a technique to convert waste into fuel source. But this is limited to conversion of wood waste, paper, animal waste and other biomass waste. The options might seem limited, but when you look at the total quantity of waste generated by all the materials together, it goes in millions of tons. You can also hire waste recycling company to collect waste from your location and convert it into useful materials.

Briquettes make a helpful fuel source with cheap prices and high burning time. These can easily replace fossil fuels and protect environment due to their eco-friendly nature. Briquetting press machine suppliers in India offer a range of machines for processing of different materials. If you are into agriculture or furniture making business, you can buy a machine to effectively convert waste into fuel source.

Besides waste recycling, there are a number of other steps you can take to go green and get healthy life. Some of these include change in eating habits, use of organic products, reduced use of food prepared in microwave, use of products with recycled content, print only when required and try to print on both the sides of the paper.

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Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools Booth | Hall 27, Booth E19 | 13-17th April 2015 | Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Germany

India to be featured as Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2015 from 13 to 17 April in Hannover, Germany.Over 350 Indian companies across several sectors and 120 CEOs participated in the famous engineering fair ‘Hannover Messe 2015’ here, which was be inaugurated jointly by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Optimizing Carbon Foot Prints with The Briquetting Technology

Our industrial expertise, of 21 years with the briquetting Technology, enable us to reduce the Enviourment Pollution and providing the Alternate solution for the Fuel,that can be used as an replacement of the B-Grade Coal,Lignite,Loose Wood with same efficiency but Eco-Friendly to Individual and nature also Economically Favorable.

Visit us at the Energy Sector Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools Booth in Hall 27, Booth E19


  • To see our secure asset performance  of fuel management solutions in action
  • To experience proper guidance of machine operation.
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  • To learn about our Briquetting technology for the Biomass and Fuel  Conversion

Discover the power of Renewable energy with Jay Khodiyar Group

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Is Burning Wood Always Harmful?

Use of wood as a fuel has been there for centuries. One more thing related to wood burning is its harmful effects. So the question here is should we stop enjoying warm log fire in winters? Is wood burning always harmful?

Let’s find out answers of these questions.

You don’t need to take the harmful gases emitted by wood logs take away the enjoyment. How? Yes, there are techniques, with the help of you can enjoy log fire and that too without hurting environment and your health. If wood is processed properly and converted in biomass briquettes with briquettes press machines, there is no risk from wood burning. If processed properly and used effectively, wood is the most eco-friendly renewable energy source.

Now find out how burning wood can be beneficial if used in the form of briquettes.

• Biomass briquettes are said to be carbon neutral. If you burn wood directly, if emits all the CO2 it has absorbed during its lifetime, but the effect is nullified by processing the wood.

• Processed wood works as a renewable energy source, which can further be processed in the machines. Briquettes machine manufacturers in India offer devices with capacity to process different quantities of wood waste. So, you don’t need to worry about the quantity of raw material available with you.

• Though there is high pollution risk with direct burning of wood, but the risk is zero when it is burnt as biomass briquettes.

• Other fuel sources like oil have high spillage risk, which can cause serious problems, but there is no such risk with wood. Briquettes have high density and don’t leave any sparks.

• As biomass briquettes are made without any chemicals, these are completely free from hazardous toxins. This is also a reason of their cheap prices and easy storage.

• Production of briquettes is highly easy, quick and hassle free process with minimal material. Briquette press machine suppliers in India offer machines which don’t need binders or chemicals to bind the wood waste. The process is just shredding the wooden waste and putting extreme pressure on it to bind it together in the form of logs.

You must be clear now that burning wood is not always harmful. If used properly after right processing, it has unmatched benefits for all: society, people, animals and environment.

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Happy International Women’s Day!


An International Women’s Day marked on every 8th March, a global event where the equilibrium balance of women with men is celebrated every year since 1990’s.

In early year’s, it was a A time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming  for the women enhancement in the male dominated society.

The new golden generation has witnessed a momentous change and attitudinal shift in both women’s and society’s thoughts about women’s equality and liberation.

An event where women and men across the world come together to celebrate the successes of other women and campaign for continued opportunities.

International Women’s Day is truly about showing support on an international scale for women’s rights. Women universally are on the border line for instilling change through their roles as key influencers in their child’s future, carving to shape the future of both communities and countries as a whole.

We the Jay Khodiyar Group Members are very taking the very appreciative approach to our Company which since 15 years is contributing for Women Employment. Jay Khodiyar Group celebrates the women’s day from the time of establishment, with Tte idea of equal employment opportunities for enduring women in the industry zone.

 Jay Khodiyar Machine tools an Mechanical Industry manufacturing the briquetting machine which’s the best converting the machine utilizing the agro-waste into efficient Bio-fuel. Established in 1994,with a legendary vision of saving environment from the perilous effect of Coal.

Thus we conclude with a small message for remembrance of  women importance,

 “Aroma of a woman can shower their happiness blossom all around them! Happy Women’s Day!”


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